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The shift to Digital E&P presents new cost-effective opportunities to make production operations smart & connected, giving a real-time voice to the oilfield that improves alignment between field, office, and board room. The greatest payoff is optimized production, improved operational efficiencies, and lowered costs.

Whether you were an early adopter or are just now finding value in adding sensors to some fields, Landmark can help. Landmark is combining forces with other oil and gas technology experts to deliver connectivity, data transmission, edge analytics, and production operations and engineering workflows. This helps you effectively manage the reservoir development and production lifecycles for better business outcomes.

Monitoring Production Operations in Real Time

In a low oil price environment where reducing costs is an imperative, every aspect of the production operation comes under close scrutiny as E&P companies are forced to re-evaluate what is essential versus what can be cut.

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Cloud Computing Becomes an Everyday Part of Life in E&P

The E&P Industry is no exception with cloud technologies being utilized to help cut costs and expedite innovation, as companies strive to differentiate themselves from the competition during this current downturn.

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Digital Transformation Promotes Growth and Value Among E&P Companies

An example of digital transformation is that upstream companies will adopt emerging technologies like social, mobile, cloud apps and software-defined solutions to enable business growth at an accelerated pace.

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