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Global View of the Earth’s Hydrocarbon Potential

Contributed by Halliburton

E&P companies engaged in strategic exploration position themselves first for critical future rewards. That is because a proactive exploration approach secures the best locations within a basin and can efficiently rank these opportunities ahead of the competition. So with the current pullback in exploration investment, how can companies prepare for the future of exploration success?

Landmark Exploration Insights, a business line within Halliburton, has developed a variety of techniques for aiding a globally consistent basin screening process. This process provides a framework for thematically ranking sedimentary basins that integrates multidisciplinary interpretations, assesses the maturity of exploration and the likely occurrence of petroleum system elements. The results of this process are then used to plan more detailed play fairway evaluations. Owen Sutcliffe, Exploration Insights manager, says, “Landmark’s Exploration Insights products provide a market leading solution for enriching exploration and expediting basin screening.” He adds, “These solutions can be applied throughout the stratigraphic column.”

The success of Exploration Insights’ solutions is essentially built around a high-resolution stratigraphic model that provides robust stratigraphic predictions. Models for the distribution of petroleum system elements are provided by a multitude of gross depositional environment maps, whilst information on the structural organization of the rocks is made available through regionally expansive structural grids. The integration of these tools allows the geoscientist to expedite acre age selection.

“Efficient basin screening requires rapid and seamless access to integrated geological data that can be incorporated into workflows to illuminate subsurface risk within a regional or global context. Landmark Exploration Insights has successfully developed these products over the last 15 years to provide the essential geological content for aiding basin screening,” says Mike Simmons, Halliburton Technology Fellow.

Clare Maher, senior geoscientist at Landmark Exploration Insights, concludes “The Exploration Insights Solution is the foundation for successful exploration, providing insight to minimize exploration risk.” This industry-leading content is now available under the DecisionSpace® Platform.

Landmark Exploration Insights delivers an unparalleled global view of the Earth’s hydrocarbon potential. These unique solutions deliver insight on the petroleum systems of every prospective basin, providing the critical tools for new ventures exploration. For more information, visit www.landmark.solutions/ExplorationInsights.

Image shows combined certainty map for charge and reservoir at a frontier exploration target along offshore West Africa.

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