National oil company achieves improved collaboration and integrated G&G workflows with DecisionSpace® Geosciences

Geoscience Solution

Landmark comprehensive Geoscience Solution is engineered to share geoscience and engineering data and subsurface understanding for faster, more accurate decisions. Collaborative geologic, geophysical, and earth modeling capabilities combine to create a single asset model that can be leveraged for all aspects of exploitation, from reservoir analysis to well planning and more.

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Geologic Analysis, Mapping & Modeling

Landmark Geology Solution provides E&P companies with the right information and the right analysis to correctly understand key geological factors for successful discoveries and development.

A comprehensive geological workflow integrates exploration data and insights, petroleum systems modeling, geologic interpretation, structural modeling, and even horizontal well correlation capabilities, for insight you can use throughout the asset lifecycle.

  • Explore new play concepts
  • Accurately define the reservoir
  • Optimize well placement          

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Geophysical Processing, Interpretation, Visualization & Collaboration

Maximize the value of your seismic data with Landmark end to end Geophysics Solution. From data processing through interpretation to framework building, this solution gives you the most accurate and comprehensive understanding of reservoir performance through every phase of exploitation.

With seismic attributes and prestack analysis, velocity modeling, and dynamic depth conversion, Landmark integrated workflow provides geophysicists and geologists with critical collaborative capabilities that yield better geological insights and improve success rates.

  • Process, image, and enhance seismic data to the highest quality
  • Integrate geologic concepts to interpret, map, and model
  • Effectively manage and leverage ‘big’ seismic and well data    

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Earth Modeling, Characterization & Well Planning

Landmark Earth Modeling Solution is an intuitive and flexible approach to understanding reservoir potential and uncertainty, integrating upstream G&G data to create a static 3D earth model that can be leveraged for a range of critical downstream activities such as flow or basin simulation, well planning, stimulation, and risk analysis.

Capable of accurately modeling integrated data for any type reservoir, Landmark Earth Modeling Solution ensures you’re well-equipped to make key asset decisions, from well planning and production to reserve estimates.

  • Increase knowledge of asset potential by assimilating upstream G&G data    
  • Mitigate risk through greater knowledge around the uncertainty in reserve estimate predictions    

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Powerful Tools of Collaboration

To make the best decisions, you need the best information available. Landmark suite of Geoscience Solutions share the same collaborative data and visualization environment so geologists, geophysicists, and engineers are kept up to date with the latest information for making critical decisions that maximize long term asset value. 

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Geosciences Services & Solutions

In today’s mature fields, unconventional plays, and deep water assets, oil and gas companies face increasingly complex technical, financial, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Landmark offers Geosciences Services and Solutions leveraging the full suite of Landmark Geosciences technologies along industry best practices to provide integrated, multi-disciplinary workflows that address these challenges through better reservoir characterization and exploitation.


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