Landmark geophysical solutions used in 70 percent of the world's deepwater projects greater than 1000 feet

Geophysics Solutions

Landmark comprehensive Geophysics Solution integrates geological and engineering data in a collaborative workflow that can take your asset team from seismic field tapes through interpretation and framework building to help you achieve more accurate and faster reservoir decisions.

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Seismic Processing & Imaging

As seismic acquisition technology grows more sophisticated, it generates unprecedented levels of new prestack data that must be carefully processed in order to image today’s complex geologic targets. Landmark extensive interactive processing and imaging solution is ideally suited for large volume production and is integrated with interpretation capabilities to maximize collaboration and reduce processing iteration cycles.

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Geophysical Interpretation, Mapping & Framework Building

Because E&P companies use seismic data to infer geology, geophysical and geological interpretation must be a collaborative process that integrates all data inputs to help increase confidence in the final result. Landmark geophysical interpretation solution is designed around a unified geoscience environment that enhances accuracy of the overall interpretation result. Interpretation and mapping are constructed and refined using consistent geologic concepts, with critical capabilities for integrating geology and engineering data, such as velocity modeling and dynamic depth conversion, designed right into the core interpretation workflow.

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Powerful Tools of Collaboration

To make the best decisions, you need the best information available. Landmark suite of Geoscience Solutions share the same collaborative data and visualization environment to assist geologists, geophysicists, and engineers are kept up to date with the latest information for making critical decisions that maximize long term asset value. 

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Geosciences Services & Solutions

In today’s mature fields, unconventional plays, and deep water assets, oil and gas companies face increasingly complex technical, financial, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Landmark offers Geosciences Services and Solutions leveraging the full suite of Landmark Geosciences technologies along industry best practices to provide integrated, multi-disciplinary workflows that address these challenges through better reservoir characterization and exploitation.


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