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To generate a geologic model that can identify new opportunities with the highest potential, geologists must reconcile and integrate differing scales and quality of information. Greater integration yields a more accurate and useful model.

  • Explore new play concepts in a regional geologic context
  • More accurately model the petroleum system over time
  • Better optimize development for maximum production
  • Reduce uncertainty and risk

Integrated oil company credits DecisionSpace® Geosciences for performance and improving subsurface understanding on large, complicated geology projects.

Geology Solution

Landmark’s Geology Solution brings together comprehensive data content, interpretation, mapping, and modeling capabilities in a collaborative environment where information is integrated into a single asset model, giving geologists greater insight for faster, more accurate decision-making.

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Regional Geologic Context

The industry has never been more competitive than it is now. In this environment the ability to rapidly assess and rank the exploration potential of regions and opportunities is vital to effective decision-making. Landmark provides market leading content for regional geological analysis, utilizing public domain data, the principles of sequence stratigraphy and a cutting-edge geodynamic model to give an unparalleled predictive view of the Earth’s tectonostratigraphic history and associated resource potential. Understanding regional geology is not only essential for high-grading areas for further study, but it also encourages the development of new play concepts, which could form the big discoveries of the future.

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Petroleum Systems Modeling

E&P companies today must pursue and develop ever-more complex plays such as deepwater and unconventionals, where knowledge of the entire petroleum system over geologic time is critical for success. Landmark’s Geology Solution integrates petroleum systems analysis with core interpretation and data so you can apply these  tools for risk reduction in the exploration workflow to increase understanding of the system and reduce strategic uncertainty.

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Geologic interpretation and mapping, framework building, and structural modeling

Landmark fully integrates geological interpretation, mapping, and modeling solutions for your asset teams, improving collaboration with a unified geological and geophysical environment where geologists can leverage seismic and associated interpretation, with 3D visualization for an enhanced interpretation experience. The software improves traditional correlation and cross-sectioning tasks by utilizing industry-leading Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® topology technology and geologic conformance concepts for more accurate and faster structure and attribute mapping. Key needs such as regional zone and production data analysis, as well as geosteering, are also enabled in this environment.

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Powerful Tools of Collaboration

To make the best decisions, you need the best information available. Landmark’s suite of Geoscience Solutions share the same collaborative data and visualization environment to assist geologists, geophysicists, and engineers are kept up to date with the latest information for making critical decisions that maximize long term asset value. 

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Geosciences Services and Solutions

In today’s mature fields, unconventional plays, and deep water assets, oil and gas companies face increasingly complex technical, financial, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Landmark offers Geosciences Services and Solutions leveraging the full suite of Landmark Geosciences technologies along industry best practices to provide integrated, multi-disciplinary workflows that address these challenges through better reservoir characterization and exploitation. 


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