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Transforming Asset Simulation

With simulation runs taking days and requiring costly IT infrastructure, traditional on-premise software is fast becoming obsolete. The answer is Full-Scale Asset Simulation, the industry's first cloud-native, integrated asset modeling application, built from the ground up using science, engineering and models from our leading simulation engine, Nexus®.

This allows you to efficiently run advanced reservoir simulations in the cloud—leveraging the “elastic” capability for limitless scalability, computing, modeling, and data storage. It also provides the accuracy and model fidelity you need for complex reservoir studies to optimize field development and operations. The ability to simultaneously model multiple subsurface reservoir systems with surface facilities in a tightly coupled solution environment is at your fingertips, enabling you to arrive at informed decisions, faster. The open architecture of DecisionSpace
® 365 seamlessly integrates with Landmark and third-party tools for a complete, end-to-end workflow that supports your creativity to innovate, collaborate, and drive your digital transformation objectives.


Model a Complete Asset on a Single Application and Open Platform

The only simulation software that can model oil and gas production from pore space, through surface facilities, to the point of sale.

Run Complex Multi-Scenario Simulations in Hours Rather Than Days

Regardless of scale, you can run your complex, simulation models in hours rather than days—reducing the run time by up to 80 percent, and minimizing the use of expensive IT infrastructure.


Customize Your Automated Workflows to be More Productive

Customized and automated simulation workflows free you up, so you can add more value by focusing on what matters most—doing your core job of assessing and interpreting simulation results.



Enhance cross team collaboration across regions through a cloud native, globally distributed data management solution.

Streamline collaboration through a central repository that helps you manage real-time and historical knowledge, track model changes, search and query categorized information, and prevent data loss.

Access Your Simulations Any Time, Any Place, From Any Device

Being able to access your data and associated simulations 24/7 keeps you connected and equipped to deal with all challenges, big and small, as soon as they occur—keeping geographically dispersed teams in sync while working on the same model or project.



Discover How to Transform Your Asset Simulations Today!

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