Field Development Planning

Integrate multi-domain data, expertise and automated workflows into an efficient, auditable and unified decision-making environment.

A siloed field development planning process can hinder asset teams from collaborating on a common picture to evaluate multiple concepts and take optimal asset development decisions.

Built on the OSDU Data Platform, Field Development Planning helps deliver faster, accurate and confident decision gate processes to reduce your exploration to production timeline.

Start taking data-driven subsurface, well construction and production decisions for entire field concepts.

Trusted & Traceable

Streamline, orchestrate and automate data management and development workflows.

Complete Lineage Visibility

Track and pinpoint data changes and decisions made at every phase in the planning process.

Save Time, Increase Efficiency

Automate up to 90 percent of manual, repetitive tasks and empower engineers to focus on key asset optimization decisions.

Real-time Insights

Maintains a standardized, single source of truth database to help you access real-time project insights practically anytime, anywhere.

High Fidelity Decisioning Flow

Helps to track and measure the maturity, risk and uncertainty of decisions at every gate using integrated DataOps.


Convergent Collaboration

Empower your team to collaborate and compare the most optimal plan to achieve a common economic goal.

Accurate Project Tracking

Connects and aligns multiple systems and domain specialists in a single platform to automate project tracking.

Rapid Scenario Analysis

Create multiple concepts and alternatives as required with multiple iterations using non-linear task tracking.

Focused Collaboration

Seamlessly converges diverse multi-domain workflows and tasks towards achieving a common economic goal.

Streamline Asset Management. Unlock Investment Opportunities

Agile & Accurate

Helps fastrack plan to execution with accurate data and quick decision making at every stage.

Integrated Asset Approach

Connect subsurface, well, production and surface facilities data and insights to get a big picture view of your asset.

Ultimate Flexibility

Supports multiple development scenarios - from green field to side-tracks in a mature field.

Open & Adaptive

Integrate your company's unique process management to offer operational, technical and economic metrics.

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