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Halliburton contributes $1.25 million to the SEG Foundation to create EVOLVE, an early-career learning initiative for oil and gas professionals

Halliburton reinforced its dedication to the SEG Foundation with a $1.25 million gift, one of the largest single education gifts supporting SEG’s Young Professional/Early Career learning initiative. The funding will create SEG/Halliburton EVOLVE, an initiative that will work with industry leaders to build and deliver a world-class curriculum in a user-friendly environment. EVOLVE will emphasize geoscience workflow training to prepare students and early-career professionals for multidisciplinary asset teams throughout the E&P life cycle.

The SEG Board of Directors (BOD) adopted a Young Professionals initiative in 2014 to identify and deliver early-career education initiatives to young geoscientists. The initiative advances SEG’s mission, “Connecting, Inspiring, and Propelling the People and Science of Geophysics,” to young professional SEG members.

Dennis Cooke, SEG BOD, stated, “SEG offers many continuing education courses, but those courses do not specifically target the professional needs of our future membership. Early-career geophysicists working in developed and developing countries require training to fill the gap between what universities teach and the skill and knowledge that employers want.”

The SEG Foundation welcomes Halliburton’s collaboration in developing SEG’s first young professional education initiative, SEG/Halliburton EVOLVE, under SEG’s Young Professionals initiative. “The EVOLVE initiative will be at the forefront of SEG’s effort to connect and inspire these young people as they develop the skills that they need on the job,” said Chris Krohn, SEG Board member.

“We at Halliburton have long recognized the need for a collaborative and integrated approach to optimize asset-team performance. EVOLVE is one answer to this long-standing interdisciplinary educational challenge,” says Nagaraj Srinivasan, vice president of Landmark, a Halliburton business line. “The initiative is founded on developing and delivering next-generation geoscience, petrophysical and reservoir-engineering workflows in a modern learning environment that appeals to professionals who are starting their careers in the oil and gas industry. SEG and Halliburton look forward to engaging operators and other industry leaders to support early-career professional preparedness which creates value for the industry as a whole.”

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