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Enabling E&P transformation with cloud technology
Unique engineered appliance reduces IT costs and enables true collaboration between domains

Contributed by Halliburton

Petrotechnical applications are costly and require a significant commitment of skilled personnel to deploy and update. Such systems are prone to errors. And, they often involve multiple vendors with different software tools and various operating systems that each must be installed, tuned, and tested.

Today, nimble, resource-constrained E&P companies seek a holistic, end-to-end E&P cloud or hybrid cloud solution that reduces IT costs and enables true collaboration between domains. That’s why Landmark, a Halliburton business line, designed Landmark Earth™, a combination of the latest science of a converged infrastructure (CI), the E&P Blueprint™ and automated updates. Landmark Earth offers a unique engineered appliance comprised of pre-optimized and pre-configured hardware and E&P software. Put simply, it’s the complete E&P solution in a box.

“In the current downturn, customers are looking to go beyond the easy cost-cutting measures and identify opportunities to transform their business workflows to be more efficient and effective,” says Andy Anglin, Channel Sales Manager, at Landmark. He adds, “This requires the IT organization to provide technology faster, cheaper, and more reliably, yet with fewer resources. Landmark Earth helps deliver all of this in a private cloud solution.”

To cross over, companies migrate from traditional data centers to private clouds where a virtualized infrastructure provides the necessary orchestration and automation. Landmark Earth streamlines this journey to the private cloud with a complete solution based on Landmark’s DecisionSpace® software for geosciences, well engineering, and production.

What do Landmark Earth customers report? “Most customers fall into one of two categories: those who are still sorting out their cloud strategy, and those who have tried to do private cloud by themselves. The ones who are still in a client/server environment are amazed at how Landmark Earth can transform their business. From the results we’ve seen, the performance, reliability, time to value, and cost reduction exceed their expectations,” says Anglin. He adds, “ Our customers that have tried to do cloud on their own now understand the nightmare associated with a home-grown or reference architecture solution. Those customers are now talking to us about how Landmark Earth can provide what they originally expected from their cloud solution.”

Landmark Earth is leading the way for the industry’s migration to virtualized data centers. For more information, visit www.landmark.solutions  

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