Landmark Earth® Engineered Appliance

Companies that need to own and operate in-house software and IT technology solutions are migrating from traditional data centers to private clouds that provide orchestration and automation on top of a virtualized infrastructure.

Making this move easy is the Landmark Earth® Engineered Appliance, a unique converged architecture comprised of engineered, pre-optimized and pre-configured hardware with integrated, pre-installed E&P software.

With Landmark Earth, you’ll experience:

  • Up to 5X faster performance than high-end workstations
  • 50% reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Up to 80% faster deployment than a client-server infrastructure

Landmark Earth provides end users with on-demand access to industry-leading applications and can be deployed in private clouds with minimal on-site configuration. It arrives pre-installed with the DecisionSpace® software suite of advanced solutions for geosciences, well engineering and production.

It provides an E&P Blueprint™ for integrating other vendors’ applications without custom programming. It also automates updates for quick and easy download and installation of software updates, reducing the IT overhead required for ongoing system maintenance.

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iEnergy® Cloud

For some E&P companies, moving to the private cloud is only the start—they also want to leverage a partner to own and operate their E&P computing infrastructure. And now that’s possible, with the help of Landmark iEnergy Cloud.

  • Enables businesses to easily and securely deliver the latest Landmark E&P software to their end users
  • Ideal option for remote field offices, companies that lack IT resources or organizations that desire the flexibility of a consolidated software, hardware and support consumption model
  • Avoids the cost and overhead of perpetual IT operations, while maximizing end-user flexibility

Some of the biggest pluses of iEnergy Cloud are actually minuses. You reduce IT costs. You reduce the need for support. And you reduce the need for disaster recovery and business continuity planning without compromising performance.

iEnergy Cloud also provides a unique user experience, dramatically changing the way petrotechnical subject matter experts think about and consume technology, support and service—and collaborate with colleagues and partners. It allows users to work from anywhere. As long as they have a laptop or PC and a high-speed internet connection, they can have access to a full suite of E&P applications.

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