Reduce Non-productive Time

A recent study cited that 44 percent of non-productive time (NPT) was associated with geopressure and wellbore instability related problems. Drillworks software analyzes and models geopressure, stress, and wellbore stability in an integrated visualization environment to help operators mitigate geopressure and wellbore instability problems and reduce NPT.

Create High-quality Wellbores

Wellbore stability problems are frequently encountered when drilling deviated wellbores, and near salt or tectonically active regions. Drillworks software models wellbore conditions that can lead to wellbore collapse, lost circulation, stuck pipe, casing collapse, or reservoir damage. The technology can help minimize the chance of over- or under-designed drilling programs.

Drillworks® Standard:
In the early exploration phase, geoscientists and engineers need fast and simple pore pressure analysis. Drillworks Standard software puts pore pressure data and analysis tools at your fingertips.

Drillworks® Pro:
Drilling safe and economic deviated wells in complex reservoirs requires additional analysis and precise well planning. Drillworks Pro software provides comprehensive pore pressure and geomechanical analysis for single-well applications. This package includes all the features of Drillworks Standard software and additional modules for data browsing, integrated analysis to help identify wellbore stability issues in advance of drilling, seal integrity, compartment analysis, and seismic velocity processing and correction.

Drillworks® Expert:
Understanding pore pressure and wellbore stabilities on a field or basin scale can improve drilling program performance and safety. Drillworks Expert software is the industry’s most comprehensive system for regional pore pressure and geomechanical analysis and modeling. The package includes all the features of the Drillworks Standard and Pro packages, and advanced tools for regional pore pressure analysis and modeling.

Drillworks® Leak-Off Test Analyzer:
Operators must determine the strength of the open formation to determine maximum pressure or mud weight for safe well-control operations. Drillworks® Leak-off Test Analyzer software provides tools to analyze Leak-off Test (LOT) data at the well site, and share the data with colleagues for further modeling of pore pressure and geomechanics conditions.

Drillworks® ConnectML™:
Even the best well plans include some level of uncertainty. While drilling, engineers can face unforeseen conditions including unplanned formations, pressure ramps, or narrower than expected drilling margins. To prevent problems and downtime, drilling teams need timely information at the well site to monitor wells or adjust mud and casing programs. Drillworks ConnectML software provides real-time pore pressure and wellbore stability analysis, either at the well site or remotely using logging data acquired via the WITS or WITSML™ transmission protocols.

Pressworks™ Relational Database:
Pore pressure and geomechanics data comes in multiple formats from diverse sources and is often of unknown quality. Pressworks relational database is designed specifically for storing, managing, and sharing pore pressure and geomechanical data. In addition to pore pressure prediction and modeling, the data can be easily integrated in subsurface mapping, well planning, and wellbore engineering workflows via connectivity to the OpenWorks® project database and Landmark’s Engineer’s Data Model™ database.

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