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Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons, Ph.D., is a Halliburton Technology Fellow for Geosciences, currently located within Neftex, a Landmark business line in the United Kingdom. His responsibilities include advancing innovations and applications by Neftex, the industry leader in sequence stratigraphy-based solutions for exploration geoscience. He is currently researching Middle East stratigraphy and has interests in petroleum exploration workflows, especially integration with 3D technology and the application of sequence stratigraphy, among others.

Simmons has more than 30 years of experience in the geosciences industry and academia. He began his career at BP, where he worked in a variety of roles in international exploration for more than 10 years. For the next five years, he served as the Shell-funded Head of Department at Aberdeen University. He then led the CASP research group at the University of Cambridge for three years, prior to re-joining some of his ex- BP colleagues in 2003 at Neftex, a fast-growing, young company.

At Neftex, he led the geoscience development with the creation of a proprietary model of biostratigraphically-calibrated eustatic sea-level change as a tool and framework for interpreting and correlating data and the prediction of the key elements of petroleum systems. At the same time, Simmons promoted the release of value from the huge amounts of published geoscience data that are often overlooked in the exploration process. In the last few years, he has worked extensively to help Neftex achieve exceptional business growth through understanding the needs of explorationists involved in basin screening.

Simmons research interests in sequence stratigraphy, eustasy and applied biostratigraphy are reflected in a number of publications and scientific presentations made over his career. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of London and a guest lecturer at Heriot-Watt University and in the past has lectured at other universities internationally. Simmons has served on UK governmental panels for geoscience, and is currently serving on a number of committees of The Geological Society. Simmons earned his bachelor’s in Geology and then his doctorate in Geology (on Middle East Carbonate Stratigraphy) from the University of Plymouth.

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