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Satyam Priyadarshy

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy is a well-recognized global leader in areas of big data, data science, analytics and emerging technologies.  He applies his breadth of scientific knowledge, in-depth technology experience and extensive business acumen to develop and implement powerful solutions in all aspects of the data pyramid important for business strategy. As chief data scientist for Information Management and Platform Technologies, Dr. Priyadarshy leads Landmark's data sciences initiatives to expand integrated workflow capabilities using the DecisionSpace® Enterprise Platform.

Dr. Priyadarshy has authored/co-authored and delivered more than 35 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as many expert opinion/reviews in magazines such as Science. He is also a reviewer for a few peer review journals. He is an invited speaker to many global / international conferences in technology, science and business areas. Dr. Priyadarshy has received multiple science and technology awards from both the commercial and the scientific communities and is joint inventor on US patent 25144-3. His research work has been profiled in science publications including Chemical and Engineering News, The Scientist, etc.  Recently, Dr. Priyadarshy was named one of the top 50 candidates in the country by The Agenda Digital 50, a Financial Times Publication, for nomination to corporate boards as a digital director.

Prior to joining Landmark, Dr. Priyadarshy was the vice president of Data Science at Acxiom Corporation. Before Acxiom, he managed RKR Group, a boutique consulting firm focused on large-scale data mining projects and computational science. At Network Solutions, he was the chief knowledge officer and VP of Analytics and direct report to the chairman and the CEO. He led the successful transformation of their main revenue channel by leveraging emerging technologies and data analytics. Prior to Network Solutions, Dr. Priyadarshy held multiple positions at AOL. In his last AOL role, he cofounded AOL Research Labs and also headed AOL Labs-India (based out of US), where he led a team of computer scientists working in areas of machine learning, text mining, artificial intelligence, image processing, search technologies, etc.

Dr. Priyadarshy is an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, where he teaches advanced analytics and digital strategy courses. He was an adjunct Professor at the School of Management, George Mason University for more than six years, and he taught many courses there related to technology management and business strategy. Currently, Dr. Priyadarshy is a Senior Fellow at the International Cyber Security Center at George Mason University.  He also serves as chair for the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s Subcommittee on Real-time Modeling within the Drilling Systems Automation Technical section.

Dr. Priyadarshy received his MBA from The Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech and his Ph.D. in chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. 

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