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Asset teams need to keep pace with ambitious drilling schedules in increasingly complex offshore developments and unconventional plays. DecisionSpace® Well Planning software uses rapid automation and patented optimization technology that can help reduce planning from months to days—in some cases reducing cycle times by up to 80% over traditional manual methods. Asset teams can generate and evaluate more development scenarios, and quickly respond to risks or changes to scheduling or capital expenditure constraints.

Collaborate More Efficiently

With DecisionSpace technology, well and field development planning teams can work collaboratively to integrate all relevant data in one unified 3D workspace to plan from pad or platform to target all in the context of the subsurface model. They can run more scenarios and complete complex plans that once took months, in minutes.

Maximize Deepwater Field Plans

By working within the revolutionary DecisionSpace multi-domain environment, well planners can generate and maximize many well and field planning scenarios in the context of the earth model. They can string together multiple targets safely and cost-effectively and easily design complex well paths including multilaterals and sidetracks.

"Decreasing the well planning cycle by 50 to 80 percent means you can spend more time looking at more drilling details and optimizing potential production."

- Drilling Technologist

Optimize Unconventional Assets

Exploiting unconventional resources, like shale plays, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage and Coalbed methane, requires planning large numbers of wells, pads and laterals. In the past, workflows were too complex to develop more than one good plan. Now you can plan various configurations quickly, and optimize assets based on well spacing, trajectory or cost.

Avoid Hazards With Ease

Creating optimal well, pad and platform plans requires working within a dizzying array of constraints: lease boundaries, surface hazards, rough terrain, no-go zones, salt and so on. Seamless integration with spatial GIS data lets you bring in lease and topographic maps, culture data, satellite photos and more.

Let Automation Accelerate Workflows

DecisionSpace Well Planning software rests on patented science and automation that can slash cycle time. Automated workflows include targeting multiple reservoirs, optimizing pad and platform positions, defining and avoiding surface and subsurface hazards, and estimating time and costs of single-well or full-field scenarios.

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