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Designed for operating companies that are implementing a complete, agile and integrated well integrity management system across all assets in their organization, in accordance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

DecisionSpace Well Integrity Management is also designed for companies that are working towards this, by adapting existing processes and business workflows to create well integrity management systems for sub-sets of assets. It is a recognized challenge for an operating company to ensure the integrity and availability of all its wells, all the time.

Aging wells have scattered historian data in various formats. New smart wells produce a flood of data. Wells are oftentimes in multiple regions with different economic requirements, operating conditions and environmental regulations. All of these things increase the complexity of cost effectively managing well integrity across an organization.

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There are 26 typical points of failure on an average well.

Increase collaboration

Ensure each asset team is viewing the same trusted and quality-assured well integrity information, and provide the information through a wide range of devices, when and where it is needed.

Reduce information overload

Focus on the data needed to make critical well integrity decisions in relevant time.

Leverage Halliburton’s expertise in well integrity

Leverage Halliburton's expertise by using a set of integrated management workflows, which can easily be extended as required to meet a user’s particular needs.

Detect potential issues early

Facilitate early detection of potential issues and provide easy to use analysis and diagnostic tools to identify the root cause.

Establish KPI's

Establish key performance indicators and safe operating envelops for a single well, field, or a company-wide asset portfolio, and monitor the success criteria in real time.

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