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DecisionSpace Production Monitoring is the first application opened by asset managers, production engineers, and field engineers when they start their day.

The web-based program aggregates various production data in relevant-time to show an overall view of an asset’s status. At a glance, wells’ performance against key metrics is determined. Potential production issues can be detected and resolved earlier, leading to less downtime and lower workover costs.

Production can only be truly optimized when the full constraints and potential of a field are known. DecisionSpace Production Monitoring allows users to monitor and alleviate constraints in a field. To show production comprehensively in this way, DecisionSpace Production Monitoring has been built on the DecisionSpace platform.

The DecisionSpace platform is a suite of enterprise software tools that, in combination, deliver, integrate, and present information across an organization. Created uniquely for the oil and gas industry, it enables operators to have one complete, central, and trusted source of data—from reservoir to pipeline. This is critical for companies whose overall success depends on interrelated analyses and learnings coming together to form a complete picture of operations. Too often in the oil and gas industry, data is duplicated and changed throughout siloes, leading to an inaccurate overall picture.

DecisionSpace Production Monitoring establishes production data management as the foundation for the operator’s comprehensive view of production. It includes allocation, analytics, surveillance, and optimization, with the ability to integrate, configure, and automate any production workflow.

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