Large independent ranks DecisionSpace® software as superior platform for subsurface usability, advanced data management and multi-domain workflow integration.



DecisionSpace Petrophysics offers the industry’s first comprehensive petrophysical solution, from acquisition to reservoir characterization on the DecisionSpace Enterprise E&P platform. Companies will be able to increase asset team efficiencies by reducing time spent looking for and analyzing high-value log data and increasing their time spent on reservoir characterization and formation evaluation workflows. With the single platform, companies further benefit through enablement of true multi-user and single-to-multi-well-to-field level capability from Borehole Data Management (BHDM) to Project Data Management. Information is readily available across the asset team eliminating the need to shift, export, and manipulate borehole and log data from multiple stores.

Formation Evaluation Like Never Before

DecisionSpace Petrophysics harnesses the power of the innovative DecisionSpace Enterprise E&P platform to bring new insights to your assets. From its industry-leading information management platform to its time-saving petrophysical analysis capabilities, everything about DecisionSpace Petrophysics is designed to make formation evaluation simpler and more efficient.

Collaborate Across Domains

DecisionSpace Petrophysics fills the gap between geophysics, geomechanics, geology, reservoir and production engineering. Real-time shared subsurface data and dynamic updates enable continuous collaboration across multiple asset teams. The result: better reservoir definition, accelerated workflows and improved risk-management—even in the most complex plays. 

Answers Delivered

Whether you’re looking at a single well or an entire basin, DecisionSpace Petrophysics helps you to understand rock and fluid behavior helping you make better decisions faster, such as well location placement, where to drill and how to improve net present value (NPV). You now have the tools to optimize performance throughout every stage of the asset lifecycle.


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