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DecisionSpace® Natural Fracture Network software provides easier, faster, and more accurate modeling of natural fracture networks to help optimize well planning and stimulation strategies.

E&P companies require technology-based solutions to enhance production from low permeability and naturally fractured reservoirs. Success is often dependent on the relationship between the pre-existing natural fracture network and the target formation.

The following challenges relate to natural fracture network modeling:

  • Honoring of natural fracture hard data such as borehole image interpretations
  • Obtaining information about subsurface natural fractures
  • Creating realistic fracture surfaces, not planar simplifications
  • Enabling properties to vary within a fracture, and between different fractures and fracture-sets
  • Incorporating secondary knowledge (e.g., seismic attributes) with the natural fracture network model
  • Understanding the relationship between induced fractures and the natural fracture network

DecisionSpace® Natural Fracture Network software gives companies the ability to fully characterize the multiple fracture systems in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Insight into the density and orientation of the natural fractures helps in determining the best strategies to induce hydraulic fractures and effectively stimulate the natural fractures to improve production.

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DecisionSpace® Seismic to Stimulation workflow increases production and proven reserves for diversified U.S. independent.

DecisionSpace® Natural Fracture Network delivers a stochastic natural fracture model that honors all existing data to help optimize well planning and stimulation through easier, faster, and more accurate modeling of natural fracture networks. The main benefits include:

Comprehensive analysis of fracture network and log interpretations:
Honors all relevant well attributes, such as fracture location, length distribution, dip, and azimuth, while providing advanced stochastic simulation techniques.

  • Curvilinear fractures – non-planar fractures can be modeled
  • Varying fracture properties along and within individual fractures like aperture, porosity, permeability, etc.
  • Uncover opportunities to test and model well planning scenarios and natural fracture network realizations

Simulation decision support:
Leverages all well data and uses secondary data, such as seismic attributes, or any other attribute that relates to fracture intensity, to guide fracture distribution for better simulation.

  • Reduce uncertainty through improved characterization of the natural fracture network

DecisionSpace® Fracture Productivity Integration:
Integrates with DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity for improvement of production performance prediction in low permeability reservoirs.

  • Improve results from flow simulation via an integrated model and unique unstructured gridding technology that adapts to the distribution of the fractures

Runs on the DecisionSpace® unified solution platform for multidisciplinary teamwork efficiency over the entire asset lifecycle.

  • Ensure all stakeholders can easily collaborate and contribute their expertise while validating production expectations
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