Leverage the Shared Earth Model

One key to maximizing the effectiveness of hydraulic fracture treatments lies in integrating microseismic data from the field with the shared earth model. The software not only lets users visualize and analyze microseismic events (MSEs) around the well, but also shows them the context of faults, horizons, logs, and seismic attributes.

Keep Fracture Treatments in the Reservoir

When fracturing, operators need to stay in the target zone or risk damaging the well. DecisionSpace Microseismic software displays microseismic events in cube, map and section views. Visualize treatment distribution by color coding MSEs by job, stage of stimulation treatment, or zone. Highlight events inside and beyond the reservoir to stay in the zone.

Visualize Complex Fracture Geometry

Distinguishing low amplitude fracture events from high energy events leads to the design of more effective treatments. Filter and then visualize MSEs based on key attributes such as magnitude for a better understanding of complex fracture geometries and distributions.

Improve Well Positioning

Understanding hydraulic fracture geometry early in the development cycle lets operators better place wells for optimum production and can guide selection of economic targets for stimulation across the field. With DecisionSpace Microseismic software you can calculate the azimuths of MSEs to enable optimized placement and orientation of future wells to enhance production.

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