Accelerate Traditional Workflows

Traditional horizon and fault interpretation can be tedious and time-consuming. DecisionSpace® Geophysics software's ezTracker™ software technology does automated or semi-automated waveform tracking for you. Interactive map, section and cube displays accelerate fault picking and quality control. Proven high-performance 3D Probe technology enables rapid animation and validation of ideas.

Leverage Innovative New Tools

Use the Vertical Images tool to display published cross sections and other images along any line of section with seismic data. Use the Geoshaper™ freehand drawing tool to interpret where data is absent, fill in lithology, and map out plays. With GIS integration, geo-reference images and view ESRI™ shape files in seismic context. Integrate prestack seismic into reservoir characterization workflows in the same workspace.

Build Structural Frameworks Dynamically

Building a structural framework typically requires manually digitizing fault polygons and other time consuming tasks. Landmark's advanced topology engine and Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® workflow lets each team member contribute directly to a dynamic structural framework with properly sealed faults, unconformities, and horizons, as they interpret. As new data is added, updates cascade through the entire model.

Revolutionize Mapping

Geophysicists spend up to 80 percent of their time making maps. DecisionSpace Geophysics software revolutionizes mapping workflows. It slashes interpretation cycle-time by an order of magnitude while improving both accuracy and consistency. With the Dynamic Frameworks to Fill technology, structural and property mapping is only a button-click away from interpretation.

Integrate Beyond Seismic

Built on the OpenWorks® database, DecisionSpace software easily integrates data types and expands workflows across traditional domains. Interact with classic Landmark tools, enhancing your workflows with the power of GeoProbe® software, for example. Applications share seismic data in memory, interacting dynamically via undocked windows, cursor tracking, and drag and drop.

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