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Innovative and flexible geologic interpretation and mapping system for onshore and offshore plays.

DecisionSpace® Geology software is designed to keep pace with today's aggressive drilling programs. The application moves beyond static and linear workflows to provide a "live mapping" solution that thrives in a new E&P reality where rapid acquisition of new subsurface data is a constant. As new well data is acquired, interpreted, steamed in, or loaded, the multi-surface structure maps and associated interval property maps update automatically on-the-fly doing in minutes what used to take days or even months.

Enabled by Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® software technology, traditional workflows are streamlined, intuitive and delivered with new high-science techniques that improve automation and help expedite completion times. A full complement of features like conformance guided log correlation, cross sections, 3D visualization, structural modeling, mapping, and volumetrics make the platform a powerful solution for any stratigraphic or structural challenge.

In addition, DecisionSpace Geology software tightly integrates with Landmark other DecisionSpace applications like DecisionSpace Seismic Interpretation, Earth Modeling, and Well Planning so geophysicists, geologists, engineers and other asset team members can work on a project or a field in unison, on the same data simultaneously, magnifying the benefits of their individual training and expertise.

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Integrated oil company credits DecisionSpace® Geosciences for performance and improving subsurface understanding on large, complicated geology projects.

More Efficient and Robust Geologic Workflows

Powered by Landmark innovative Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® workflow, the software can improve traditional correlation and cross-sectioning tasks by leveraging industry-leading topology technology, geologic conformance concepts, along with advanced fault prediction and horizon geometry projection technology.

A "Step Change" in Map Making

Traditional geologic interpretation tools, in combination with Dynamic Frameworks to Fill software technology, enables a powerful workflow that delivers a step change in efficiency for structure and property mapping. Geoscientists can build a sealed structural framework while they interpret, filling the framework with facies and deterministic reservoir properties and then create accurate maps in minutes.

Volumetrics At The Compartment Level

Leveraging Dynamic Frameworks to Fill software technology, volumetric calculations in DecisionSpace Geology software are easily defined and updated. Whether it's dynamic updating of the container for basic spill point, fluid contacts, or hydrocarbon pore volumes, the software's intuitive analysis of "what if" scenarios enables fast and more accurate analysis of each container. And when combined with the DecisionSpace Horizontal Well Correlation software your unconventional asset's volumetric calculations update dynamically as horizontal wells are drilled and the real-time MWD/LWD is interpreted with 3D calculations.

Team Collaboration and Compressed Learning Cycles

The DecisionSpace unified workspace encourages asset team collaboration across traditional disciplines and supports improved workflow efficiency. Workflow integration across geophysics, geology, and earth modeling domains can lead to more efficient subsurface interpretation, compressed learning cycles, and more accurate decisions.

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