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Geospatial Context for Interpretation

E&P professionals in many domains need GIS data to visualize cultural data, satellite images and leases, set the geospatial context for interpretation, map play fairways, plan optimal well locations, and assess environmental impact. Built on industry-leading ESRI® and Blue Marble® engines, DecisionSpace GIS software brings most GIS formats directly into the interpretive workspace with a single click.

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Independent energy company and first unconventionals player in its market adopts DecisionSpace® Geosciences as its unconventionals technology foundation.

Speed decision making

GIS integration isn't just about shapefiles. DecisionSpace GIS software accesses the GIS information needed to speed up and support decisions to drill and determine well locations more accurately. In addition to ESRI shapefiles, the software supports 30 raster image formats (e.g., geo-tiffs), ESRI surface grids, ArcMap layers and documents, and can access a variety of sources, including local, Internet, and WMS ArcGIS servers, geodatabases such as ArcSDE, and Internet map servers.

Get cartographic conversions in a snap

GIS data often comes with diverse cartographic reference systems (CRS). The software's one-button CartoSnap® tool uses leading-edge Blue Marble technology to automatically convert the CRS of imported ESRI data to the OpenWorks® project's CRS – or export it from OpenWorks database to any ESRI specified CRS.

Revolutionize GIS workflows

With DecisionSpace GIS software, integrating spatial GIS data with subsurface maps and interpretations is limited only by imagination. Broadcast an ArcMap file to the DecisionSpace Desktop environment with one click, create a new map, and save it for future use. Alternatively, export OpenWorks spatial data to industry-standard GIS formats, or read any ESRI grid and save it as an OpenWorks grid for interpretation.

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