DecisionSpace® G1 Edition delivers the decision-making power of one complete geoscience interpretation workflow. G1 Edition offers a new way of deploying the award-winning DecisionSpace® Geoscience technology: geophysical and geological interpretation and earth modeling on Microsoft® Windows® with a zero-configuration OpenWorks® compliant, embedded database.

Go From Initial Installation to Interpretation in Less Than 30 Minutes

New users can install DecisionSpace® G1 Edition, including the embedded database, and load their project data in 30 minutes or less. Following installation, geoscientists retain complete control over their secured projects and data while taking work anywhere—at home, on the road, or to a rig site.

OpenWorks® Compliant Database Handles Data Safely & Securely

DecisionSpace G1 Edition comes with an OpenWorks® compliant database, which geoscientists access “out of the box” with zero configuration. Instead of cluttering their disk drives with huge numbers of confusingly named data files, this portable database allows users to easily manage all types of data safely and securely. They can back-up a project, archive, and restore it whenever and wherever they want.

Dynamic, Differentiating 3-dimensional Framework Technology

DecisionSpace G1 Edition also features Landmark unique Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® technology. Interpreters build a sealed, geometrically correct 3D framework model of structural and stratigraphic surfaces, properly integrated with faults—while they are interpreting. All surfaces are linked, so entering new well data or revising an interpretation automatically updates the entire model. For full reservoir characterization workflows, geoscientists can populate or “fill” this evergreen framework with static or dynamic reservoir properties—without having to start over in a separate application.

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