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Well productivity is a key focus for E&P companies looking to maximize returns in unconventional reservoirs, where decline curves can be steep.

To be successful, operators need process-driven innovation and advancements in technology to formulate better predictions of the future productivity of wells. 

Challenges associated with well productivity:

  • Predicting well productivity and reservoir performance
  • Optimizing well spacing and completions
  • Understanding the behavior of natural and hydraulic fractures

DecisionSpace® Fracture Productivity employs scientific innovation to deliver technology specifically designed to address well productivity challenges in low and ultra-low permeability reservoirs. Based on proven and robust reservoir simulation technology, it helps operators improve economics by assisting in the optimization of well spacing and completions. Its easy-to-use interface leverages the DecisionSpace platform for increased asset team collaboration and productivity.

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Improved Prediction of Productivity in Wells & Pads

DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity provides physics-based predictions of well productivity and reservoir behavior in the presence of natural and hydraulic fractures through workflows purposely built for unconventional reservoirs. It rigorously resolves pressure and fluid saturation changes with an automatically generated unstructured grid.

Optimization of Well Spacing

Well spacing has a major effect on the economics of unconventional reservoirs. DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity software applies modern technology for improving well spacing to help operators achieve better returns. The software is designed to quantify the changes in reservoir response and well productivity resulting from the interactions among multiple wells.

Optimization of Completions

DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity assists in improvement of pad performance by quantifying the effect of changing completion parameters on well productivity, so you can adjust the hydraulic fracture design.

Key Features

  • Add-on option for sensitivity analysis to help quantify the impact of reservoir and completion parameters on production
  • Seamless multi-well support
  • High resolution modeling of flow in fractures and near-fracture area for more accurate results
  • Consistent representation of 3D and 2D natural and hydraulic fractures in the simulation model
  • Link via data import to industry-leading hydraulic fracture modeling software
  • Faster results from advanced simulation engine
  • Incorporates 3D earth model and if unavailable, auto-generates a 2.5D unstructured grid
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