High Resolution Models Derived from Landmark

The ability to characterize a reservoir’s physical architecture in real time while accurately understanding reservoir potential and uncertainty remains a high priority for E&P operators’ efforts to develop and understand reserve replacement strategies.

Build High Resolution Models

Construct high resolution geocellular models directly from sealed structural frameworks created using DecisionSpace Dynamic Frameworks to Fill®. Continuous subsurface property modeling in 2D or 3D geocellular grids allows for various degrees of model complexity:

  • Data Analysis and Multivariate Analysis
  • Facies and Property Modeling
  • Volumetric Calculations and Probability Analysis
  • Natural Fracture Network Modeling

Validate & Understand Your Asset

Visualize the earth model in 2D and 3D for powerful validation and quality control capabilities, and gain an enhanced understanding of the asset for such critical processes as sweet spot quantification in unconventional reservoirs, upscaling and zone definition analysis, well targeting and lateral placement, fracture design, and well engineering.

Fast Track Earth Model Updates

For producing assets, operations and asset teams will benefit from quick updates to the earth model with new well data and/or log data, no longer requiring them to update the entire model when new data is made available. Updates are reduced from days to hours on small models and weeks to days on larger models.

Types of local updates:

  • 3D grid geometry of earth model based on newly updated structural framework
  • 3D earth model facies and petrophysical properties

Ready the Static Earth Model for Reservoir Simulation

Easily prepare the static earth model for seamless integration with Landmark Nexus® Suite reservoir simulation or other industry simulation applications. At the resolution of the static earth model, flow simulation provides a preliminary understanding of the dynamic subsurface fluid flow for easy connectivity analysis. Further upscale the earth model while maintaining fine details around critical areas to send to reservoir simulation.


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