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Leveraging historical drilling data is critical for optimizing newer drilling operations.

However, extracting meaningful information from the wealth of data available typically requires database specialists and customization of third-party tools. With DecisionSpace® Drilling Analytics software, engineers and managers can gain insight from historical drilling data without ever having to write a database query.

With pre-configured analytic models and built-in access to Landmark’s Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM™) database, DecisionSpace® Drilling Analytics software is the industry’s first business intelligence solution specifically designed for drilling.

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Get business intelligence designed for drilling

Spend more time analyzing data and gaining critical operational insights. Designed by and for the E&P industry, DecisionSpace Drilling Analytics software helps drastically​ cut down the time required to create relevant analytical models by letting users graphically compare drilling and engineering attributes across large numbers of wells – without ever having to write a database query.

Use DecisionSpace Drilling Analytics software for:

  • Optimizing planning of new wells – aggregate, visualize, and analyze data from offset wells.
  • Benchmarking – highlight best and worst performing equipment, partners, and processes.
  • Quality Control – quickly find missing, null, or incomplete data.
  • Reviews – generate graphs and charts of drilling operations quickly and easily.

Get to work quickly

DecisionSpace Drilling Analytics software is pre-configured to interoperate with Landmark's industry-leading Engineer's Data Model™ (EDM™) database. Unlike other solutions, no data integration customization is required. The software includes 12 pre-built analytical models that address common drilling and well engineering concerns, including analyses for NPT, BHA, bits, safety, kicks, mud loss, and costs, to get you started faster.

Connect to data from any source

DecisionSpace Drilling Analytics software is fully customizable. Load additional data from different EDM tables or join data from a completely different data source, such as Excel or other relational databases. Build entirely new analyses based on your unique needs, problems, and data sources. Add data quickly and easily via an intuitive graphical interface with prebuilt connections to most common data sources.

Access from anywhere

Access drilling analyses from anywhere via the software's web-based interface. Streamlined and simplified for ease-of-use across most modern browsers, including tablet devices, the software comes with a suite of charts and graphs that can be presented four to a screen for comparison of data, or spread across as many pages as needed.

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