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Automatic Data Quality Validation

Rapid growth of E&P data makes it difficult for global organizations to maintain data quality and consistency across multiple repositories. Manual quality control (QC) is time-consuming. Even major data clean-up projects yield only temporary value unless they can identify new issues as they occur.

DecisionSpace® Data Quality™ software provides a complete suite of business rules-based tools to automate, diagnose and correct bad data in any repository before it impacts user workflows or strategic decisions.

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Easily Monitor Improvements in Data Quality Over Time

DecisionSpace Data Quality technology includes an interactive web dashboard with metrics and key performance indicators that enable end users and management to track, monitor and report data quality improvements over time. It provides access to extensive charts, tables, and maps from any workstation or mobile device on the corporate intranet.

See All Data Concurrently

DecisionSpace Integration Server software provides a configurable web-enabled view of dynamically updated data from any data source. As a result, data managers and engineers gain immediate access to current data though map and tabular views. Companies can customize the viewer to include the data and tools they need for their unique environments.

Access A Single Instance of All Data, in Context 

The DataServer™ component is used to connect to data anywhere in the system. Data from multiple databases can be combined or federated via a logical data model into a virtual database. Applications can consume that data as if the data was from a single source and visualize it to business users and data managers in the context of the workflow they are using. It enables access to data via services instead of individual development kits which reduces the complexity and overhead of connecting multiple data sources.

Collaborate Across Geographies, Domains, Applications & Data Sources 

The flexible Business Process Management (BPM) component of DecisionSpace Integration Server provides business analysts, process owners and developers a with comprehensive suite of tools to design, orchestrate and execute business processes across disparate system landscapes throughout the enterprise. 

Transfer Data Between Connected Databases

DecisionSpace Integration Server provides data transfer between databases connected to the Data Server module. Rules for merging data, coordinate reference system and unit conversion are provided through the DecisionSpace Integration Server web-based viewer for manual transfer.  

Automate Data Loading & Quality Control

The Dropsite Data Loader feature is a web-based workflow tool that allows data managers to upload and track data from a central site into Landmark database. It automates routine data loading tasks to standardize data loading workflows, ensure compliance to company data governance standards, increase data quality and reduce staff time needed.

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