DecisionSpace® software becomes the sole software technology for new field development projects operated by large crude oil production firms.

Access & Visualize All Relevant Data

E&P companies need to keep asset data synchronized and available to teams – wherever they are in the world. Built on the OpenWorks® database, the DecisionSpace Base Module provides seamless access to geophysical, geological, geomechanical, real-time drilling data, and more – and the 1D/2D/3D visualization environment in which to view it. 

View & Share Project Data – in any Format

Asset data comes from multiple teams running different applications. The DecisionSpace Base Module dynamically converts data volumes, interpretations, and models – from time to depth or depth to time – as you work. Easily view, interpret, and integrate data types acquired in the field.

Learn on the Fly

The DecisionSpace Base Module improves workflow efficiency by giving staff the knowledge they need to complete tasks. The module's Workflow Guide provides interactive access to predefined steps and instructions for the most common exploration workflows, as well as company-specific best practices. Get less-experienced users up to speed quickly and enhance understanding and consistency without extensive training. Use Workflow Guide to share ideas, documents, and data sets – and keep learning as you go.

Share What You Know

Asset development is iterative and collaborative. Teams need to share ideas and insights. The DecisionSpace Base module's Interpretation Notes let teams capture and share spatially referenced ideas, add links to images, external files, documents, or the web. Interpretation Sets capture groups of data so that colleagues can understand every piece of input used for an analysis. iNotes and iSets are saved with the project in the OpenWorks database, so they accompany the project during its life.

Session functionality has been enhanced to allow team members to save their Sessions to the OpenWorks Database instead of only on their local disk. This enables any team member with access to that project to open the Session, view the environment the other user was seeing, as well as see and add commentary via iNotes on current or make additional interpretation to the work in progress. As the Session is overwritten in the OpenWorks Database, other users of the session will get notifications to make them aware of these changes, and they can choose to incorporate these changes to their sessions, or not. This is the ultimate tool to help enable fully collaborative teamwork.

Capture Best Practices

Every E&P organization has unique ways of doing things. Knowledge accumulated by teams and domain experts is a company's most valuable asset. With Project Designer, create and capture best-practice workflows that let experts guide novice users through a workflow by outlining each step. Relevant data, decisions, and activities are easily captured in a report, and this vital information is saved along with the project.

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