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Landmark fault interpretation solution is an “augmented interpretation,” which optimizes the combination of the interpreter and computer interaction.

Interpreters in today’s E&P industry must deal with large amounts of high quality seismic data with even greater pressure to interpret this data faster and more efficiently. Currently, fault interpretation is a tedious, manual, and time-consuming process. Modern interpretive tools rely entirely on the interpreter while only utilizing the data qualitatively as a backdrop or indirect guide.

With the confluence of advances in computer technology such as graphics processing unit (GPU), cloud, and big data applications, the time is ripe for creating huge opportunities to develop new tools for seismic interpretation that only a few years ago would have been prohibitively expensive.

Landmark fault interpretation solution is an “augmented interpretation,” which optimizes the combination of the interpreter and computer interaction. Differentiating cutting-edge proprietary technology provides the means to automatically interpret and study virtually all faults in a seismic volume and give the ability to adjust and improve the results efficiently. This automated fault detection technology offers customers a complete fault interpretation solution with workflows that help decrease picking time and improve accuracy.

Automated Fault Interpretation 

Automated fault interpretation workflow that includes a combination of automated and manual tools to iteratively auto-track, filter, edit and grow faults for a complete fault interpretation solution.

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Automated Fault Interpretation software

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DecisionSpace® Automated Fault Interpretation™ technology helps improve efficiency through the automation of workflows and the handling of large, multi-dimensional datasets to reduce interpretation cycle times and increase accuracy which can help companies positively impact economics.

Asset teams further benefit from:

  • Geoscientists spending more time studying geological implications of data
  • Reduced uncertainty through decreased interpretation time
  • Assistance in identification of drilling hazards through fault-sensitive capabilities that can help reveal previously undetected faults

Key Technology Features:

  • Automated Fault Tracking Volume
    DecisionSpace Automated Fault Interpretation uses new fault attributes for automatically tracking and addressing faults within a volume.
  • Fault Data Analysis
    Fault Data Analysis is a tool to use for analyzing and filtering the huge numbers of faults created by Volume Fault Interpretation. Users can interactively save faults to OpenWorks®, create fault lists, plot histograms, and sort faults.
  • Grow Faults:
    Semi-automated fault tracking on volume. This enables customers to combine their manual picks with the Automated Fault Interpretation attributes in a semi-automated workflow. Users can efficiently modify and improve the results of the fully automated workflow.
  • Fault Editing Toolbox
    The Fault Editing Toolbox provides geoscientists with the ability to manage the enormous number of faults created by this product. Users can trim, delete, merge, and re-rib faults.
  • Fault Snap
    Fault Snap is a semi-automated fault segment picking tool that snaps segments to the fault. This patented technology provides a unique and accurate way of correcting or snapping segments to raw seismic data.
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