Landmark geophysical solutions used in 68 percent of Gulf of Mexico discoveries

DecisionSpace® Automated Fault Interpretation™ technology helps improve efficiency through the automation of workflows and the handling of large, multi-dimensional datasets to reduce interpretation cycle times and increase accuracy which can help companies positively impact economics.

Asset teams further benefit from:

  • Geoscientists spending more time studying geological implications of data
  • Reduced uncertainty through decreased interpretation time
  • Assistance in identification of drilling hazards through fault-sensitive capabilities that can help reveal previously undetected faults

Key Technology Features:

  • Automated Fault Tracking Volume
    DecisionSpace Automated Fault Interpretation uses new fault attributes for automatically tracking and addressing faults within a volume.
  • Fault Data Analysis
    Fault Data Analysis is a tool to use for analyzing and filtering the huge numbers of faults created by Volume Fault Interpretation. Users can interactively save faults to OpenWorks®, create fault lists, plot histograms, and sort faults.
  • Grow Faults:
    Semi-automated fault tracking on volume. This enables customers to combine their manual picks with the Automated Fault Interpretation attributes in a semi-automated workflow. Users can efficiently modify and improve the results of the fully automated workflow.
  • Fault Editing Toolbox
    The Fault Editing Toolbox provides geoscientists with the ability to manage the enormous number of faults created by this product. Users can trim, delete, merge, and re-rib faults.
  • Fault Snap
    Fault Snap is a semi-automated fault segment picking tool that snaps segments to the fault. This patented technology provides a unique and accurate way of correcting or snapping segments to raw seismic data.
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