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Single Version of Primary Well Data

E&P professionals spend considerable time searching for data and trying to determine its origin, evolution, and quality, with the greater portion of this time used to determine whether the data is trustworthy. Low quality data can lead to inaccuracy and poor decision-making. In addition, value added through analysis and interpretation is lost when results are not reused.

Corporate Data Store™­ software is a powerful database that synchronizes, stores, and publishes only high quality, validated data accumulated from multiple sources throughout the organization.

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Cover All Stages of the Data Management Lifecycle

As part of Landmark’s full suite of industry-leading information management solutions, Corporate Data Store stores and manages well data of known quality, provenance and history.

Spend More Time Analyzing Data & Make Better Decisions 

Using advanced, highly customizable tools, data managers can migrate raw or project data from commercial or internal data stores, synchronize with Corporate Data Store, and distribute corporate data to any working database. Asset teams spend less time locating quality data, more time interpreting, and making more informed decisions faster. 

Bring All Definitive E&P Data Into One Place

Leveraging the DecisionSpace®, multi-repository web interface, Corporate Data Store software forms the heart of a broader, configurable master data management solution. Powerful tools, built on the DecisionSpace Platform, are available for viewing and performing rules-based data migration.

Establish & Enforce Data Quality Standards

Corporate data standards and best practices are enforced in the Corporate Data Store to preserve the highest quality data. Reference data management tools offer a rigorous yet configurable approach to propagating standards throughout the organization. Automated rules-based data blending ensures compliance during migration of either raw or interpreted data.

Meet Regulatory Requirements & Preserve Corporate Knowledge

E&P companies are required by law to manage and report on all data used to estimate reserves and make key business decisions. Corporate Data Store software provides an efficient and flexible solution framework for managing critical data assets and preserving corporate knowledge, including audit trails that capture data provenance, history and reliability. 

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