Reach Targets While Saving Money

Whether simple or complex, COMPASS directional path planning software can optimize drilling trajectories quickly based on cost, torque and drag, or anti-collision criteria. When carrying out infill drilling, the software’s well path planner can automatically recommend the most appropriate well to sidetrack, saving days of costly trial and error analysis.

Interactive Anti-collision Scans to Help Avoid Costly Incidents

Set up customized anti-collision scans interactively while planning, surveying, or projecting ahead. Set up warnings and automatic email notifications to alert users when well paths converge on company-specified minimum criteria. Along with hard-copy reports, COMPASS directional path planning software produces spider, ladder, 3D proximity, and traveling cylinder plots to provide the data needed to drill safely.

Reduce Well-planning Cycle Time

COMPASS software includes data level integration with Landmark’s Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM™) database and cross-domain workflow integration with OpenWorks® database. This allows each member of the asset team to share common data and provide the feedback required to improve planning cycle times and operational performance.

See What’s Occurring in Real Time

For the most accurate representation of the wellbore to total depth (TD), COMPASS software automatically computes a look-ahead plan based on real-time survey data. When used with DecisionSpace® Well Engineering software, engineers can determine the impact of the current actual trajectory with respect to operations when the well is drilled to TD.

New Package for Field Users with Anti-collision Capabilities

Now Landmark is offering a new license package for COMPASS™ called Directional Rig Package. By having access to the Industry’s premier well path planning and survey data management technology at the Rig site service companies can now deliver wells with greater precision allowing for more complex well paths and smaller targets to be drilled while reducing the risk of wellbore collision. Using Compass ‐ Directional Rig Package enables Service companies to exchange data between the office and the field lessening the need and risks of manually transposing data to and from files / e‐mails.

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