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The DecisionSpace® Real-Time 365 platform modernizes real-time data management by identifying qualified historical real-time data in order to understand past performances and thus implement lessons learned as part of the well program, thereby helping to save significant costs.

Operators can personalize historical real-time data visualization via insight analytics for a closer look at the cause and effect of drilling events from offset wells. By consuming the right historical real-time data from the right offset wells, operators will be able to construct their best wells – while also minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) and invisible lost time – and to produce hydrocarbons with a lower cost per barrel.

Speaker | Roger Marin, Global Technical Advisor for Drilling, Completion, and Real-Time Solutions,  Halliburton Landmark

Roger Marin started as a logging-while-drilling (LWD) field engineer in 1996 with Schlumberger. He joined Landmark in 2005 as a drilling and completion consultant, and has had international assignments in Mexico, India, Brazil, and the U.S. His experience ranges from working in field operations to real-time centers. He has extensive knowledge of finance, resource development and solution implementations, and is currently a Landmark Global Technical Advisor for Drilling, Completion, and Real-Time Solutions. He has a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from the Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua in Venezuela.


  • Learn more about an important component of Well Construction 4.0.
  • Understand more about the meaning of NPT in drilling and completion operations.
  • Understand the importance of multiple source data in the analysis of NPT. ​


  • Drilling engineers
  • Data analytics specialists
  • Drilling technicians
  • Drilling engineers
  • Completion engineers
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