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Cutting-edge science to help you better assess subsurface risk, confidence and uncertainty.

Premium provides you with our complete solution, including all the components
of Core and Advanced, and enables deep insight including understanding of:

  • What were the paleoclimatic and paleotidal conditions that influenced these plays?
  • Where are the boundaries to these plays?
  • Where are we confident in our data?
  • What are the uncertainties in our interpretations?
  • What is our understanding of subsurface risk?  …and much more








PRIME (Petroleum Risk Insight from Modeling the Earth) (COMING SOON)

  • Our Earth System models are the product of a ground-breaking research project combining our industry-leading content with pioneering climate and tidal modelling techniques.
  • Our sequence stratigraphic model allows us to evaluate discrete time slices, allowing us to use more precise boundary conditions and data, providing greater confidence and new insight into key Phanerozoic events.
  • Utilizes a unique risk mapping approach for key petroleum systems elements and features, allowing the outputs to be easily input into basin screening and play fairways studies.
  • The results of PRIME are also used to further improve the Core and Advanced products.

Basin Screening (COMING SOON)

    • Based on multidisciplinary integrated interpretations, Basin Screening will provide a thematic global evaluation and ranking of sedimentary basins to assess their hydrocarbon potential.
    • The screening process will not only assess the level of exploration in a region but will also define a range of predictability in the occurrence, variability and/or absence of petroleum system elements.
    • The results of basin screening will then be used to condition the generation of discrete play fairway evaluations and the comprehensive evaluation of potential play risk.
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