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Assisted Lithology Interpretation delivers integrated interpretation using a supervised machine learning technique that predicts lithology from wireline log responses according to a trained model.


Get lithological interpretations using a pre-trained model algorithm, or train your own ML algorithms using your best available petrophysical interpretations.

Use a standardized process for consistent data interpretation across the enterprise through the use of trained algorithms to eliminate interpreter bias.

Perform algorithm-driven interpretation via advanced computing in the cloud, taking seconds or minutes, rather than days.

Enhance collaboration with immediate shared access to consistent lithology characteristics for 1,000s of wells and the most current subsurface understanding.

Experience fast integration of all interpretation data into your workflows, making information available in just a matter of minutes.

Rapidly test multiple scenarios on the same data to aid lithology prediction and reduce subsurface uncertainty.

Capture and track uncertainty of lithology predictions throughout the interpretation workflow on a well-by-well basis, by calculating a numerical measure of confidence at any point.

System adds interpretation of additional data and automatically updates models to reflect the ongoing evolution of the interpretation process.

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