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Proven Net Present Value Economics

Companies need accurate economic data to justify projects, plan budgets, report reserves and assess price or ownership changes.

The ARIES® Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software provides comprehensive enterprise-wide property and data management, production and reserve forecasting (using decline curves or other methods), and proven economic evaluations for operations, engineering, and business teams.



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petroleum economics software

"I can evaluate and manage all my assets effectively, including all the new wells and acquisitions. Plus, we can properly roll up these results with the rest of the company to better manage our portfolio."

- Business Unit Manager

Build A Single Foundation For Your Evaluation Needs

It's no small feat to manage reserves and economics across teams in a mixed, ad hoc environment, especially when property numbers are high and multiple models are being used. ARIES software helps teams coordinate and share data to support management decisions at any level of your business. Shareable databases scale from a single user to the global enterprise and consolidate results to any level based on desired hierarchy. Structured data and property management capabilities eliminate data redundancy, error-prone manual data entry and un-auditable mixtures of spreadsheets.

Meet Diverse Planning Needs

ARIES® Modeler
Evaluates complex fiscal regimes such as PSCs, PSAs, and Canadian royalties and integrates them into standard ARIES projects. It also automates multi-well/reservoir drilling programs while integrating probabilistic economic modeling for unconventional resource plays and deep water assets all while retaining the familiar ARIES workflows, rollup capabilities and forecasting features.

ARIES® Reserves Management System (RMS)
RMS that works with ARIES, ARIES Modeler and other application sources to evaluate, approve, reconcile, track and report petroleum reserve values and revisions. It supports second, high-level approval processes for reserves booking and locking down reserve and production values that were used.

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