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  • Learn how to help achieve maximum insight from minimal data by leveraging common, public data in a new way.
  • See how using a single representation of the subsurface for all teams can increase cross-domain understanding and decrease risk.
  • Learn how teams can become more efficient and provide more accurate results by leveraging the integrated environment of the DecisionSpace® Platform, which allows for continuous integrating of geoscience and well planning throughout the life of an asset ​


  • Geoscientists
  • Well Planners
  • Asset Managers
  • Drilling Engineers


Optimizing well placement is part of the process to help increasingly maximize productivity and returns on investment. Well placement in the Permian Basin, for example, often has an accuracy of less than 10 feet within formations that can be as thick as 100 feet or more.

This webinar highlights how a 3D subsurface model can optimize well placement by using historical well data. By correlating past well placement to known production rates, this model enables operators to place wells more accurately within a formation, thus reducing the potential for dry or low-producing wells. Through the Landmark DecisionSpace® Geosciences software suite, geologists and engineers can leverage cross-domain workflows to increase the accuracy and speed of their well-placement decisions.


Speaker: JoDana Swanson, Technical Advisor Geoscience, Halliburton Landmark

JoDana Swanson is a Technical Advisor–Geoscience for Halliburton Landmark. She joined Landmark in 2008, where she has held roles in services, consulting, R&D, and now technical sales – gaining knowledge of exploration and production (E&P) operations from many different perspectives. Prior to Landmark, she worked at the Laboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Research at Texas A&M University on projects related to shallow marine and fluvial depositional environments. She is based in Denver, Colorado, and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in geological oceanography and also in petroleum and mineral resources from Texas A&M University.

Speaker: Stephen Williams, Technical Advisor Drilling, Halliburton Landmark

Stephen Williams is a Technical Advisor–Drilling for Halliburton Landmark. He began his career in 2008, working for a directional drilling company, and has extensive knowledge in planning directional wells across the U.S. In 2011, he joined Halliburton as a well planner in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2014, he transferred to Landmark as a technical sales consultant, specializing in well planning solutions. He is based in Houston, Texas.

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