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The iEnergy Webinar Series keeps you connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward today. Watch and listen online as a diverse group of iEnergy community experts and thought leaders share ideas on putting emerging technologies to work, increasing collaboration, and driving sustainable business value. 

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Developing Play Concepts in Exploration

Gain rapid insight into plays, identifying play elements and geographic extent alongside key geological risk.
February 28, 2018  |  09:00 AM - 10:00 AM CST

Beyond the Nonproductive Time (NPT) Dilemma

Learn more about an important component of Well Construction 4.0
March 07, 2018  |  09:00 AM - 10:00 AM CST

Overcoming Obstacles to Profitability

Discover why having full oil and gas lifecycle insights and connections between digital, petrotechnical and financial parts of the organization are crucial for profitability
March 21, 2018  |  09:00 AM - 10:00 AM CST

Using Super Pads for Rapid Field Development

Perform high-density well anti-collision risk.
April 3, 2018  |  09:00 AM - 10:00 AM CST

Resolviendo Desafíos de Producción de Campos Maduros

Comprender cómo se puede modelar y validar el diseño del pozo y optimizar la configuración de la operación ​

Oil & Gas Digital Twin in a System of Systems Model

Learn how systems engineering can ensure that customer functional and performance requirements are met.

State of the Art in 3D Reservoir Characterization and Dynamic Simulation Palo Azul Field Experience

Understand how the collaborative efforts between geologists and reservoir engineers led to establishing a more reliable field history. ​

BP Case Studies: Challenging Fields - Complex Facilities and Multi-Reservoir Production Management

Learn how high-performance reservoir simulation technology helps manage and optimize even the most challenging fields.

Exploration: The Ingredients for Future Success

Learn about novel geoscience that can lead to better prediction in the exploration process.

Integrating Data Through the Exploration Workflow

See how tools within DecisionSpace® Geosciences facilitate collaboration and data management as the model evolves.

Solving Mature Field Production Challenges: An Integrated Surveillance Approach

Learn how you can quickly gain daily production insights and pinpoint downtime opportunities to find an asset’s optimal production.

Drill Deeper, Faster, and Safer

See how the modernized WellPlan™ interface can help you to quickly complete your design analysis

Pipeline Monitoring Reimagined: The Voice of the Oilfield™ Approach

Understand how the Voice of the Oilfield™ approach is leveraged to address pipeline risks

Managing Well Tubular Integrity Lifecycle in Deepwater HP/HT Conditions

Learn how to develop safe and high-quality well completion designs for extreme downhole conditions.

High-grading Exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean

Learn proven ways of testing play concepts rapidly and rigorously by using regional screening techniques.

Voice of the Oilfield™ - Connecting the Field to the Office

Learn how IIoT technologies can drive reservoir and production lifecycle for less cost than before.

Explore Smarter. Make Better Decisions: A Look at Deepwater Plays in West Africa

Learn how a regional and geologically constrained screening methodology can do the heavy lifting to extract value from existing data for better decision-making in the early stages of exploration.

Machine Learning - Impact in Upstream Oil and Gas for Advancements in Workflow Automation

This webcast outlines and explains machine learning foundations, industry related machine learning initiatives, and its impacts for the E&P industry.

Tubular Failure | The Drilling Engineer’s Dilemma

Discover how the predictive analytics can be used to hand-hold the traditional engineering models in the holistic optimization framework for predicting failures.

Capturing Uncertainty in Basin Modeling

Gain insight into petroleum systems in data-sparse areas by applying a robust stratigraphic sequence approach in the subsurface.

No Convencionales Emergentes en Argentina: Exploración en Vaca Muerta

Vea cómo caracterizar y predecir heterogeneidades dentro de un play usando un modelo de estratigrafía secuencial.

Emerging Unconventionals in Argentina: Exploration in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Learn how to identify the stratigraphic controls on production rate, and develop a predictive model for unconventional exploration.

Big Data Means Big Security

Hear expert advice and best practices from Dr. Priyadarshy, a seasoned pioneer in data science for the E&P industry and discover how to make use of big data predictive analytics to strengthen your security layers.

Complex Geology Plays: Making the Most of Your Data

Learn how to dramatically improve interpretation in deepwater and structurally complex plays by enhancing collaboration within your team.

How Data Analytics Can Help Optimize Long-Term Field Performance

See how to improve barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) and ensure that you get the most from your field developments.

A Closer Look at Data Analytics

Finding the sweet spot is a major challenge in unconventional resources – see how data analytics can help. ‎

Optimizing Well Delivery Through Integrated Geoscience and Drilling

See how high-performing wells are planned and drilled using real-time geosteering and collaboration with engineers

Accuracy in Reservoir Modeling Drives Development Cost Savings

Learn how Landmark’s reservoir management technology can help you gain accuracy in reservoir modeling and cost savings in field development planning with a reservoir simulator that puts advanced scientific innovation at your fingertips and supports end-to-end E&P lifecycle management.

There's a Faster Way to Manage Reserves!

Do you struggle with common Reserves Management challenges like disparate data, incomplete audit trails, and infrequent reporting? Brody Todd from Palantir Solutions and Adebola Adejumo from Halliburton Landmark discuss a joint offering for calculating and reporting reserves in minutes instead of weeks.

Are You Able to Put the Data You Need at Your Fingertips?

Learn how we can help you spend less time finding data and more time improving the accuracy of your interpretation in this webinar recording presented by Halliburton senior project manager, JoDana Swanson.

Automated Fault Interpretation

Learn how to apply automated geophysical interpretation methods that allow you to focus your limited time on the highest-value work.

Integrating Drilling Data With the Latest Engineering Applications: CasingWear™

Learn how the industry’s most advanced casing wear analysis is being used to improve well integrity and cost.

DecisionSpace® Geosciences 10ep: Faster and More Accurate Subsurface Insight

Are you getting time to focus on the highest value work? Learn how DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep can help you focus on increasing subsurface insight in projects large and small.

Integrating Drilling Data With the Latest Engineering Applications: WellPlan™

Learn about recent upgrades to the well engineering software used by over 90% of top global producers.

Are Your Permian Assets Reaching their Full Technical Potential?

Learn how Permian leaders are reliably identifying sweet spots, optimal well orientation and stimulation, and the improved completions and well spacing.

Building the Business Case for Production Improvement

Are you choosing the right production improvements—the ones that both lower your current costs and make you more competitive for the future?

Touring Learning Resources on iEnergy®

Watch our introduction to Landmark’s iEnergy online learning community. In it you can watch guides to the latest software, get access to self-service training and help documents, and take an online course to improve your knowledge.

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