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Managing and monitoring export pipelines are particularly challenging tasks when pipelines are in remote locations or are affected by external factors such as theft or deliberate damage. Being able to identify the nature and precise location of issues would help operators to rapidly diagnose and resolve issues and breaches, thus potentially limiting losses and environmental impacts, and enabling the optimization of pipeline and export operations.

The Voice of the Oilfield™ approach aims to solve this critical issue by leveraging disruptive technologies into integrated pipeline monitoring workflows. This helps operators detect pipeline issues and respond to them more quickly, reducing operational and environmental impacts, and lowering health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks. The integrated pipeline monitoring works by monitoring, modeling and diagnosing flow status, which then triggers pipeline scanning for blockages and breaches to help precisely locate anomalies. This workflow combines line instrumentation, edge analytics, remote sensing, flow modeling and monitoring, and unique pressure-wave technology for pipeline integrity diagnosis.

Speaker | Mike Scott, Industry Solutions Advisor for Production & Economics

Mike Scott is Industry Solutions Advisor for Production & Economics in the Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA) region. He has been with Landmark for 12 years, and, prior to his current role, provided onsite consulting and training services to clients across the region, particularly in digital oilfield engagements. Before joining Landmark in 2005, Mr. Scott worked for Edinburgh Petroleum Services as IT Manager, and for other technology providers in market feed services and data communications.

Speaker | Ethan Yang, Technical Service Manager, Halliburton Landmark

Ethan Yang is Technical Service Manager, Halliburton Landmark. Previously, he was a technical support engineer at Optimization Petroleum Technologies (OPT). Over the last five years, he has provided comprehensive support such as training, solution scoping and strategic planning to almost all CNPC and Sinopec operations in China, along with international business support covering Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Mr. Yang graduated from China University of Petroleum with a master’s degree in petroleum engineering

Speaker | Graham Jack, Principal Product Champion and Team Lead for Pipeline and Process Services

Graham Jack is Principal Product Champion and Team Lead for Pipeline and Process Services (PPS), a Halliburton service line. He specializes particularly on the SureStream® flow assurance solution. He has more than 20 years of experience in the design, installation and operation of pipeline networks, subsea control and umbilical systems, and plant and processing systems. Mr. Jack graduated from the Mechanical & Offshore Engineering school at Robert Gordon University.


  • Understand how the Voice of the Oilfield™ approach is leveraged to address pipeline risks
  • Learn how a set of unique components can be integrated together to deliver an integrated operations workflow
  • Find out how taking an innovative approach can deliver real business benefits ​


  • Asset Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Production Data Managers and Technologists
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