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High-pressure/high-temperature development creates one of the greatest technological challenges for the oil and gas industry. This is especially the case in deep to ultra-deep reservoirs, extended-reach development, and salt-zone drilling. Under these diverse scenarios, complex loading conditions can occur.

In the case of deep reservoirs, this often includes trapped annular pressure resulting from annular fluid expansion caused by heating up the well during production operations. This increase in annular pressure can overstress the casing and tubing configuration.

The deepwater well casing configurations can become barrier-limited once exposed to unplanned, extreme drilling tensile loads and wear.

The well-loading conditions can often surpass the design characteristics of the equipment. If this occurs, catastrophic consequences can ensue and the well could be lost.

To empower engineers to address these challenges, Landmark developed a tubular solution that helps engineers design and test well configurations and equipment before downhole operations begin. With this solution, the integrity of the well can be maintained during the well lifecycle.

Speaker | Eric Moto, Technical Advisor for Drilling

Eric Moto is a Technical Advisor for Drilling at Halliburton-Landmark. He is responsible for driving the Landmark well-construction solution to enable operators to achieve optimal technical, operational, and economic performance across the well construction lifecycle. He holds a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Pau (France), and an engineering degree in Drilling: Oil and Gas from the Mining Institute of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Eric has more than nine years’ experience with a focus in drilling and completion. He has worked as a drilling engineer and drilling consultant, and has designed and contributed to technical development projects and management in drilling operations.


  • Learn how to develop safe and high-quality well completion designs for extreme downhole conditions.
  • See how to calculate accurate downhole temperature and pressure profiles.
  • Analyze static, thermal and pressure wellhead loading conditions induced during the life of the well. ​


  • Drilling and completion engineers
  • Drilling and completion managers
  • Well integrity engineers/advisors
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Project Engineers
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