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Planning, executing, and producing returns from your field development are only the beginning of field performance optimization. The ultimate goal is to implement the best plan to achieve optimum long-term field performance, with the best returns balanced against competing developments. But where do you find the unbiased, expansive, comprehensive, and reliable workflows and technologies that are needed to plan for and maximize returns?

Ultimately, artificial intelligence is the answer. But artificial intelligence begins with deep learning, which, in turn, starts with data.

In this webinar, we will explain how Landmark solutions are helping power the current digital transformation, as this presentation explores the impact of data analytics on field development today and points to intriguing innovations for the future.

Speaker | Aimee Taylor, Senior Product Specialist

Aimee Taylor is a Senior Product Specialist for Halliburton Landmark, with a broad range of experience in the drilling services industry that includes offshore service provision, real-time and drilling optimization, and geology and geophysics workflow development.

Ms. Taylor works with data analytics and deep learning to develop and integrate solutions by expanding automated workflows and autonomous operations.


  • Find out how data analytics contributes to faster, integrated field plans.
  • See how to improve barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) and ensure that you get the most from your field developments.
  • Learn how the DecisionSpace® platform delivers these capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership. ​


  • Field planners
  • Geoscientists
  • Operations engineers
  • Operations managers
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