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In this webinar, see how an integrated exploration workflow is being used to accelerate decision-making in one of the top emerging unconventional resource plays outside North America. This presentation takes a “deep dive” into critical early assessment of the Vaca Muerta formation in the Neuquén Basin of Argentina.

This discussion describes the application of the workflow to delineate resource distribution and critically compare prospective acreage in the Vaca Muerta formation, and details the various workflow components, which include stratigraphic characterization, geochemical assessments, regional screening and high-grading, along with resource volume and concentration estimates.

You will also see how workflow outputs are integrated to formulate an unconventional exploration model that generates high-graded stratigraphic domains within the Vaca Muerta formation, and how mechanical stratigraphy has a profound impact on resource concentration across the play.

Speaker | Alex Bromhead, Geoscientist and Team Lead for Unconventional Play Evaluation

Alex Bromhead is a Geoscientist at Halliburton Landmark, coming from Neftex through its acquisition by Landmark in 2014. In his role as team lead for Unconventional Play Evaluation within Exploration Insights, Mr. Bromhead leads projects focused on the characterization, screening, high-grading, and resource assessment of unconventional plays. He holds a Master of Science in geology from the University of Southampton in the U.K.


  • See how to characterize and predict heterogeneities in resource plays by using a sequence stratigraphic model.
  • Identify the stratigraphic controls on production rate, and develop a predictive model for unconventional exploration.
  • Calculate resource concentration – in MMBOE/km2 – for critical comparison of prospective acreage. ​


  • Exploration geoscientists
  • New venture geoscientists
  • Exploration managers and vice presidents
  • New venture managers and vice presidents
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