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To extract the maximum value from an asset, it is critical to have a complete dataset for monitoring and analysis. New advances in measuring and collecting real-time data are providing fresh opportunities for greater asset intimacy across the organization, and toolsets matured in other domains are rapidly adding value in E&P. These developments are making it more cost-effective than ever to gather and manage operational data.

Delivering business outcomes by adopting digitalization from the asset to the boardroom -- We will describe how Landmark is working with partners and operators to connect wells and facilities, and delivering information to engineers and decision-makers by leveraging the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data integration and data analytics technologies.

Speaker | Mike Scott, Industry Solutions Advisor for Production and Economics Halliburton Landmark

Mike Scott is Industry Solutions Advisor for Production and Economics in the Eurasia/Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Halliburton Landmark. He has been with Landmark for 12 years. Prior to his current role, he provided onsite consulting and training services to clients across the region, particularly in Digital Oilfield engagements. Prior to joining Halliburton Landmark in 2005, Mr. Scott worked for Edinburgh Petroleum Services as IT Manager, and for a number of technology providers in market feed services and data communications.


  • Understand how IIoT technologies can drive reservoir and production lifecycle for less cost than before.
  • Learn how edge- and cloud-based data-gathering and analysis can build asset intimacy and enable better decisions.
  • Find out why digital transformation is the best way to add value. ​


  • Asset managers
  • Production managers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Operations engineers
  • Production data managers and technologists
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