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Complex geology plays, such as deepwater areas, salt bodies, and multi-z structures, present geoscientists with unique challenges. Modeling such subsurface structures, which may be extremely complex, is made more difficult by traditional workflows that use independent interpretations of different types of data, all of which must then be reconciled. Data transfer delays and data inconsistencies slow the process further, and cycle times increase.

Landmark focuses on optimizing the end-to-end geology workflow, producing solutions that make the most of your data to reduce the exploration and appraisal cycle time. This webinar describes a smart and connected workflow that affords seamless collaboration among multiple teams and data sources, so geoscientists can efficiently generate an accurate subsurface model that is shared by the entire exploration team and updated throughout the process. You will see how sharing a consistent and comprehensive view as the basis for collaboration and decision making can be the key to shorter exploration and appraisal cycles and greater exploration success.

Speaker | Jane Glenn, Geophysicist

Jane Glenn has a bachelor’s degree in geophysics from the University of Texas at Austin, and has worked as a Landmark geophysicist for six years. She spent the first three years as an onsite consultant for various customers, where she gained an understanding of the real-world challenges that customers face. In her current role in technical sales, Ms. Glenn remains committed to recognizing customers’ needs and providing solutions.


  • Discover how to dramatically improve interpretation in deepwater and structurally complex plays by enhancing collaboration within your team
  • Gain an understanding of Landmark solutions that decrease cycle time in the exploration and appraisal stage
  • Learn best practices to interpret, and model salt bodies and complex structures faster and more accurately ​


  • Exploration geoscientists
  • New venture geoscientists
  • Exploration managers and vice presidents
  • New venture managers and vice presidents
  • Geoscientists
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