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Finding the sweet spot in an unconventional resource play is no simple task. Even with a great deal of local experience, the heterogeneous nature of these rocks can make successful well placement a “hit or miss” proposition from one well to the next.

A closer look at data analytics shows that multivariate analysis (MVA) of geophysical, geological, petrophysical, and geomechanical properties can help explain past successes and failures, as well as facilitate new well placement based on local conditions, even with sparse or poor-quality data.

Demonstrating actual application of MVA for well placement in the Eagle Ford shale play of South Texas, this webinar also shows how production quality can be estimated using MVA, even when available completion data is limited. You will find that the methods presented are practical and applicable to larger, more robust datasets, and can be executed as a machine learning exercise.

Speaker | Jordan Yarus, Senior Geoscience Consultant and Multivariate Expert

Jordan Yarus is a Senior Geoscience Consultant in Landmark’s Global Technology Enablement Group. Additionally, Mr. Yarus provides public and private training, as well as onsite mentoring and consulting for OpenWorks® project data management and for other Landmark geoscience applications.

Prior to joining Halliburton Landmark in 2011, Mr. Yarus worked in partnership with the University of Houston’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in developing learning management applications and creating course content. He holds a degree in communications from the University of St. Thomas.


  • Finding the sweet spot is a major challenge in unconventional resources – see how data analytics can help.
  • Multivariate analysis (MVA) will be demystified as the basic theory, and underlying principles will be explored.
  • Find out how production quality can be estimated using MVA, even when completion data is limited. ​



  • Exploration geoscientists
  • Exploration managers and vice presidents
  • Geo-modelers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Drilling and completion engineers involved in well placement
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