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For many of the world’s top E&P companies’ exploration is shifting back into gear or in some cases, being re-started after two years of idled activity. These organizations are finding tracks to explore in smarter and more cost effective ways by tuning their exploration engine to compete with lower cost energy alternatives such as US onshore shale plays.

Based on risk profiles, some companies are racing to be the first to open up new frontier basins while others are pursuing near field exploration. Whatever exploration approach your company is pursuing, Landmark provides the content, science and cross-domain workflows needed to help you successfully navigate the exploration & appraisal lifecycle for greater economic success.

Developing Exploration Concepts in Mexico

Recent constitutional amendments opening up hydrocarbon exploration in Mexico to international investment have generated much industry interest. The prize on offer is potentially huge with estimates that unexploited resources (both conventional and unconventional) may exceed 100Bbbl oil equivalent and many prospective basins are truly frontier – less than 10 wells have been drilled in water depths greater than 1500 m.

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North-West Africa, Africa’s New Hot Spot?

In the autumn of 2014, Cairn Energy announced the discovery of oil in North Fan, offshore Senegal, which was closely followed by what may have been the largest oil discovery in 2014 – Lupalupa (formerly known as Shelf Edge), also offshore Senegal. These discoveries were in Cenomanian turbidites and Albian shelf edge sands, respectively.

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Regional Screening of the Late Cretaceous Deep-Water Petroleum System of West Africa

The west coast of Africa has a long history of successful hydrocarbon exploration with the majority of discoveries in Oligocene and Miocene stratigraphy. As exploration moved into deeper waters, penetrating deeper stratigraphy, it resulted in a series of play-opening discoveries in the last decade.

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