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Well Construction 4.0

Well Construction 4.0

Facing Today’s Realities

Operators and service providers share the challenge of costly cycle time during well design collaboration; re-planning cycle times are manual and prone to errors. And today, the Exploration and Production (E&P) industry generates more data than it can succinctly distill and apply to assets development. Yet, if data is captured and managed in an evergreen manner, this data can help deliver real value to optimizing operations.

The ability to integrate, automate, analyze, and optimize with real-time data is a major breakthrough in helping to successfully predict and analyze Invisible Lost Time (ILT) and Non-Productive Time (NPT) -- before they happen. 

Well Construction 4.0 is Halliburton Landmark's Revolutionary Approach to Well Construction

A New Age of Well Construction

Adapting the concepts of Industry 4.0 – cyber-physical systems, digital twin, IoT and cloud computing – Halliburton Landmark has extended the capabilities of industry-leading Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT) and DecisionSpace® platform into a new age of well construction. The built-in integration and process management capabilities automatically manages the process of generating a fully validated and engineering-consistent well program.

Using integrated well planning, design, execution, and analysis across the Well Construction Lifecycle Management, Landmark’s Digital Well Program™ connects the rig site to the office and real-time centers aligning service providers, equipment, tools and processes with the operator’s business goals in mind – to help lower costs and to help drill more productive, safer wells.

Facing Up to New Realities

Well Construction 4.0

Addressing Challenges in Well Construction Lifecycle Management by Leveraging End-to-End Integration

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Applying O&G Digital Twin

The Well Construction 4.0 Digital Well Program does not simply replace pen and paper with digital information, instead it employs the Oil & Gas Digital Twin concept; a revolutionary framework that digitally replicates and models physical oil & gas assets, leverages data and inputs from modeling and real-world upstream operations, and creates a continuous feedback loop between the physical and digital worlds.

The Digital Well Program identifies a highly efficient way to maintain the drilling process enabling critical decisions during live drilling. All surface equipment, downhole and rig data are fed to Landmark’s Well Construction Optimize to continuously optimize and solve on a user-defined objective function subject to physical, safety and economic constraints.

Well Construction 4.0 revolutionizes the current reality by extending industry trusted well planning and design to inter-enterprise collaboration and rig side automation, thus helping operators to not only drill their wells but to drill their best wells.

Using a Digital Twin in Well Construction

Well Construction 4.0

Continuous feedback between the physical and digital world transforms the well construction solution.

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