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The shift to Digital E&P presents new cost-effective opportunities to make production operations smart & connected, giving a real-time voice to the oilfield that improves alignment between field, office, and board room. The greatest payoff is optimized production, improved operational efficiencies, and lowered costs.

Whether you were an early adopter or are just now finding value in adding sensors to some fields, Landmark can help. Landmark is combining forces with other oil and gas technology experts to deliver connectivity, data transmission, edge analytics, and production operations and engineering workflows. This helps you effectively manage the reservoir development and production lifecycles for better business outcomes.

Cloud: The Next Big Technology Leap in E&P

Everyone has been touched by cloud computing – it’s pervasive; it’s everywhere. It’s impacting the way in which people work (and play) in ways that were hard to imagine five years ago.

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Intelligent Control System for Gas-Condensate Field: A Holistic Automated Smart Workflow Approach

Gas condensate fields present unique challenges regarding data acquisition, data quality, exception based surveillance, flow modeling, nodal analysis, well testing, allocation, and visualization. That’s where the holistic automated smart workflow approach comes into play.

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