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No matter how thoroughly-planned your well program, adjustments are an inevitable reality during the drilling process. To stay on schedule and budget, these modifications must be swift, practical, and accurate. DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep can help drillers geosteer towards the sweet spot using real-time logs anywhere, anytime, using any device, including your tablet.

Typical geosteering challenges include:

  • Achieving a 24/7 comparison between interpretations, well plans, and real-time information
  • Interpreting stratigraphic and structural features discovered after the original well prediction
  • Updating and rebalancing drilling well plans quickly enough to effectively intervene
  • Comparing features and the economic impact of different intervention scenarios

International operator reduces well planning cycle time 60% by integrating geoscientists and drillers using DecisionSpace® Geosciences.

DecisionSpace® Geosciences gives operators real-time subsurface intelligence to fine-tune their drilling programs to help maximize reservoir contact. A component of the DecisionSpace Geoscience suite, DecisionSpace® Geosteering combines offset well type log data, available seismic data and associated Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® surfaces, and real-time LWD/MWD data from the active drill site. This complete workflow leads to superior understanding of the bounding stratigraphy, and helps to hold a horizontal or highly-deviated well in the sweet spot for maximizing contact with the pay zone.

Key benefits of DecisionSpace Geosteering include:

  • Mobile capability that helps operators to achieve optimal well placement, day or night
  • Automatic updates to the structural model and well plan that facilitate faster decisions
  • Integration with Landmark’s Well Construction suite for a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of next steps

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