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Regardless of size and strategy, every E&P operator today faces the challenge of connecting up-to-date technical insights with business activities. Today, for example, even executive teams are frequently working from outdated or inaccurate portfolio information, so syncing strategic plans and operational results is exceptionally difficult. This means missed opportunities to create economic value: missing production growth expectations by less than ten percent, for instance, can impact shareholder returns by several percentage points.

To unlock the benefits of an integrated E&P value chain, Halliburton Landmark is teaming up with experts and leveraging digital capabilities to drive transformation. Bridging field, front office, and back office offers the promise of improvement to both the business and operations -- and corresponding reductions in cost, time and risk for greater economic benefit.

(Source: Factset, Bernstein analysis, 2017)

Digital Transformation Essential for E&P Industry to Thrive in New Economy

Halliburton Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, outlines the requirement that digital transformation be driven by an open E&P ecosystem.

The industry must break down silos and accelerate the rate of progress to meet unprecedented challenges and opportunities. No one company has all of the necessary expertise, so standardization and collaboration are critical.

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Accenture Teams Up with Halliburton Landmark for Solutions that Reveal Long-Hidden Value

The depth of E&P science from Halliburton Landmark combined with the front-to-back-office expertise of Accenture is leading to some new and needed industry solutions. The integration of back office systems like ERP, finance, and CRM with oil and gas field operations and asset management will help oil and gas companies realize value that has long been hidden by complexity. Watch how the joint initiative drives increased E&P transparency and responsiveness through systems integration.

Digital Technology Maturity and Oil Price Pressures Paved the Way for Transformation

Executives at Halliburton and Accenture are working daily with their counterparts at E&P companies to help solve challenges related to exploration success, lifting cost reduction, and capital expenditure optimization. Over the past year, availability and demand of digital technologies has introduced solutions that are providing immediate value and helping our industry not only survive, but thrive in an environment of continued cost pressures and uncertainty.

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