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Drill and complete with the big picture in mind: help maximize reservoir recovery over a long economic life.

How can drilling teams improve their impact on the economic life of well? Can it be done while mitigating the immediate concern of accessing a more complex reservoir with fewer experienced hands?

Landmark has built its well construction suite to help drilling teams obtain the intelligence they need in order to meet these demands.

Analytics are used to speed the transfer of knowledge that was previously gained only from experience, benefitting a new generation and rapidly expanding the knowledge base. From well planning and design to economic evaluation, information is integrated across domains to help the decision makers become better-informed at each step, and automation now helps those decisions makers determine optimal courses of action when operational realities don’t align with plan.

Landmark has the only complete and integrated well construction software suite on the market and is continually adding new science and analytics to help companies thrive in the age of drilling intelligence.

Facing Up to New Realities

Addressing challenges in well construction lifecycle management by leveraging end-to-end integration.

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Casing Wear Factor : How Do We Improve Well Integrity Analysis

This paper investigates, in detail, the dependency of casing wear factors on these uncertainties through several example case analyses. (SPE-173053-MS)

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Employing Process, Benchmark Automation and Real-Time Analysis to Improve Drilling Efficiency

Using the right offset well data to plan the next project is critical, but performance expectations get diluted when metrics are averaged over large depth ranges. (SPE-180638-MS)

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